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KEDOO is a Digital Distribution Company which analyse video trends and manage TV Broadcaster content on YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu and other digital platforms worldwide.

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Video News Bites

Kedoo provides a boutique service to all Professional Broadcasters

Dedicated Content Management

Each client 's portfolio is analysed and carefully handled by a dedicated team through our technical platform:

  • Channel affiliation on Youtube, Roku and Dailymotion
  • Content publishing on Amazon, Netflix and SVOD platforms
  • Exclusive Partners reporting dashboard tool

Right Management Technology

Our technical platform is integrated with YouTube APIs content management. It Includes Piracy and reclaim rights management. Our partners through Platform benefit from: 

  • Automated process to identify Piracy content on YouTube
  • Accelerated manual reclaim process for Right holders
  • Right Management Dashboard to monitor all claims

Audience & Marketing Management

Through our technical Platform, our partners are able to identify high-value channels for network recruitment and brand integration, and affects audience growth with optimization acquisition.

  • Analytics Tools : channel dashboard, viewership data, financial reporting, etc
  • Marketing Optimization: keywords, category, Google ads, etc
  • Recruitment campaign: audience analysis, location, network affiliations

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