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Teaching 'Stairway to Heaven' on YouTube earns this guitar instructor six figures annually

Marty Schwartz says he has "one lazy student" to thank for his online music career.

2018-09-13 Read more
Google Finally Added a Dark Mode to YouTube on Android

Android 9 Pie has been out for a month, and while the addition of things like digital wellness controls and handy a...

2018-09-13 Read more
YouTube TV channels: The complete lineup and add-on options

YouTube TV is the most straightforward option for live TV streaming. That’s because there’s only one tier of YouTub...

2018-09-12 Read more
Meet the woman who's making millions from slime videos on YouTube

For lots of popular YouTubers, merchandise is the key to making real money. And 24-year-old Karina Garcia is the fa...

2018-09-12 Read more
Using YouTube To Build Your Challenger Brand

Followers of the challenger brand approach know that marketing activation plans must be as efficient as they are ef...

2018-09-12 Read more
Big Bang attracts 10 million YouTube subscribers

Despite having four of its five members enlisted in the military, Big Bang has now reached over 10 million subscrib...

2018-09-11 Read more
Paul McCartney Will Play a Free Concert on YouTube Friday

YouTube will host a live Paul McCartney concert Friday, Sept. 7, a coup for the company’s live streaming services....

2018-09-11 Read more
YouTube is fighting for a slice of the premium-video market

SOME 20,000 spectators paid an average of £135 ($175) to see the bout live at the Manchester Arena in Britain. Anot...

2018-09-07 Read more
Facebook says social video watching will set it apart from Netflix and YouTube

Facebook may be a latecomer to the streaming video market, but the company thinks it can generate money by making i...

2018-09-07 Read more
YouTube may soon let you donate directly to fundraisers

YouTube is giving creators more ways to fundraise with a bunch of new tools it announced today. Still in beta, the ...

2018-09-07 Read more
YouTube’s Most Popular Songs Of The Summer: Cardi B Tops 2 Different Lists

Summer 2018 is the season of Cardi B. The “Bartier Cardi” rapper has taken the music industry by storm and YouTu...

2018-09-06 Read more
YouTube will now tell you how much of your life you spend watching videos

Google is worried about your digital health. More specifically, your addiction to watching hours upon hours of YouT...

2018-09-05 Read more
Here's why luxury airline YouTube videos should be your next online obsession

WE’VE ALL GOTTEN addicted to watching strange YouTube channels at some point. I’ve got friends who have invested f...

2018-08-30 Read more

ContraPoints is an elegant, whip-smart middle finger to the putrefying swamps of the internet

2018-08-30 Read more
BTS Dethrones Taylor Swift's YouTube Record With 'Idol' Music Video

K-pop boy band phenomenon BTS are no strangers to breaking music and social media records, but have most recently a...

2018-08-30 Read more
Data-friendly YouTube Go launches in SA: here's what you need to know

Love watching videos on YouTube but hate how it chows your data?

2018-08-29 Read more
YouTube to expand this feature for creators to monetise content, earn more revenue

Google-owned Youtube is expanding the concept of non-skippable advertisements on its platform for the creators to m...

2018-08-29 Read more
Publisher and analytics platform Kedoo releases new influencer marketplace

London based analytics and content distribution platform Kedoo Entertainment has launched an influencer marketplace....

2018-08-23 Read more
Amazon Has YouTube Envy

It wants to turn its Twitch online hangout for avid gamers into a broader video service.

2018-08-23 Read more
YouTube's women of STEM make learning about science fun

This post is part of Mashable's ongoing series The Women Fixing STEM, which highlights trailblazing women in scienc...

2018-08-21 Read more
Google created a fake pizza brand to test out creative strategies for YouTube ads

Unskippable Labs team has been testing ad effectiveness in a compelling new way: It created a fake pizza brand call...

2018-08-21 Read more
YouTube now recommends the best phones for video playback, and it doesn’t suggest an iPhone

At its Note 9 announcement today, Samsung boasted the new phablet is a “YouTube Signature Device” for 2019. ...

2018-08-16 Read more
YouTube Set To Overtake Facebook As Second Largest Website In America

A new market study from research firm SimilarWeb revealed that YouTube is on track to surpass Facebook in traffic t...

2018-08-16 Read more
The Nun’s jump-scare trailer is YouTube’s newest example of egregious advertising

It also potentially violates YouTube’s advertising policy

2018-08-14 Read more
The Relentless Pace Of Satisfying Fans Is Burning Out Some YouTube Stars

The history of big Hollywood stars is rife with stories of celebrities who break down because of the pressure to pe...

2018-08-14 Read more

You don't need a big studio to make great content.

2018-08-09 Read more
What's life as a YouTube child star really like?

Jaadin and Arabella Daho are YouTube stars with millions of subscribers and views.

2018-08-09 Read more
"Fails of the Week" shows us why knowing your mechanics is important

"Fails of the Week" is one of the longest running Dota 2 shows on YouTube and this week they released their 211th e...

2018-08-07 Read more
YouTube Stories is a shameless rip-off of Instagram and Snapchat

You can't escape Stories anywhere

2018-08-07 Read more

The video platform is less focused on getting rid of conspiracy theorists than on trying to elevate journalism it c...

2018-08-03 Read more
YouTube will no longer discriminate videos with different aspect ratios

YouTube has just announced that the videos with an unusual aspect ratio watched on the desktop - hence on a desktop...

2018-08-03 Read more
Android users can now get YouTube’s dark mode

Now, Android users are beginning to get the feature on their apps. YouTube added a dark mode

2018-08-02 Read more
YouTube ‘found footage’ docs: urban legends in their own words

From bogeyman memes to Trump fans, film-makers are mining user-generated video to examine complex online ‘truths’...

2018-08-02 Read more
YouTube Targets International Markets With Local Language Original Programs

YouTube will target Germany, Japan, Mexico, France and India with scripted series and other original programming in...

2018-08-02 Read more
Mozilla Employee Claims Google Makes YouTube Intentionally Slow On Firefox And Edge Browsers

Google may be intentionally making YouTube slower on browsers that aren't Chrome, and we now know that thanks to Mo...

2018-07-31 Read more
YouTube's web player adapts to vertical videos

YouTube has acknowledged the popularity of vertical video in its mobile apps, and now it's embracing the format on ...

2018-07-31 Read more
YouTube Is Reportedly Combatting Instagram’s IGTV By Cutting Six-Figure Checks To Creators

When Instagram launched IGTV last month, the long-form video service — where individual videos can run for up to an...

2018-07-27 Read more
UK study finds two-thirds of toddlers use tablets

According to new research from The Insights People, under-twos are becoming more tech-savvy with tablets, but paren...

2018-07-26 Read more
Study: SVOD & video app brands most popular with kids

Behind YouTube, streaming services, photo-video apps and gaming products are among the most popular brands with kid...

2018-07-26 Read more
YouTube will test an ‘Explore’ tab to help users find new videos and channels

It’s a way to introduce more variety to the average YouTube users’ video diet

2018-07-25 Read more
YouTube Creators Detail Their Mental Health Struggles

“My life just changed so fast. My anxiety and depression keeps getting worse and worse. This is all I ever wanted, ...

2018-07-25 Read more
YouTube Says Sorry for Ruining Your World Cup Moment

YouTube got a lot of crap earlier this week when its budding cable TV substitute, YouTube TV, went down during Engl...

2018-07-20 Read more
YouTube knows your state's favorite ice cream flavor

It's National Ice Cream Day! See if your tastes fall in line with the rest of your state.

2018-07-20 Read more
YouTube creators reportedly losing accounts over Twitch stream promotions

YouTube and Twitch are direct competitors, offering their creators and streamers very similar tools to create video...

2018-07-17 Read more
Guns N’ Roses break YouTube record with November Rain video

Video for Guns N’ Roses’ 1992 single November Rain racks up more than one billion views on YouTube

2018-07-16 Read more
All Android users can now use YouTube's incognito mode

YouTube for Android just got a lot better at keeping secrets. The incognito mode the video platform has been testin...

2018-07-13 Read more
A satisfying video of a soccer ball being sliced in half is one of the most watched YouTube clips of the 2018 World Cup so far

The Adidas Telstar ball is being used across the 2018 World Cup tournament, and many fans were curious about what i...

2018-07-13 Read more
YouTube to crack down on fake news, backing 'authoritative' sources

Site to promote videos and articles by vetted sources amid rash of conspiracy theories

2018-07-11 Read more
Instagram just declared war on YouTube

Instagram on Wednesday announced IGTV, a new way for users to create long-form vertical video.

2018-07-11 Read more
YouTube adds built-in merchandise shelf for eligible creators

Just over a month after the launch of YouTube music – the replacement for Google Play Music, YouTube has also now l...

2018-07-10 Read more
Sony tries to upload movie trailer to YouTube, posts entire movie instead

The video has since been taken down, though it stayed up for hours.

2018-07-10 Read more
YouTube Comedy Series Starring Adam Pally & Sam Richardson Sets Recurring Cast

YouTube is rounding out cast for its new comedy series toplined by Happy Endings alum Adam Pally and Detroiters sta...

2018-06-22 Read more
Next year, people will spend more time online than they will watching TV. That’s a first.

It’s finally happening: Next year, people around the world will spend more time online than they do watching TV, ac...

2018-06-19 Read more
GOOOAL! Get ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ on YouTube

As the world eagerly awaits the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, football fans are turning to YouTube to research and...

2018-06-15 Read more
Hashtag United: YouTube team can 'bring new fans' to non-league game

Hashtag United are different from every other club they will face in English football's 10th tier next season....

2018-06-09 Read more
YouTube stars' fury over algorithm tests

Some of YouTube's most popular stars have criticised the website for "experimenting" with how their videos are deli...

2018-06-09 Read more
iPhone owners can play YouTube music while using other apps with this easy trick

WANT to listen to music on YouTube without keeping the app open? It's possible, if you know how.

2018-06-09 Read more
YouTube, Instagram And Snapchat All More Popular Than Facebook Among Teens, Pew Reports

YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat have emerged as the most popular online hangouts for U.S. teens, surpassing the onc...

2018-06-09 Read more
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