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YouTube has become a legitimate contender to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as a producer of quality original programming with their release of the highly popular Karate Kid spin-off Cobra Kai. In our review, we said it "successfully keeps the Karate Kid legacy alive."

Later this year, YouTube Premium will release a sci-fi horror series, titled Origin, in hopes to keep their upward momentum going, but let's not forget that YouTube was founded on the notion of the "everyday creator" that doesn't have the financial backing of a large studio.

To honor these everyday creators, here are our 9 favorite YouTube channels that we think give the Netflixs of the world a run for their money. You can click through the slideshow below, or scroll down to the bottom of the page to view our picks.


You Suck At Cooking



You might have to take our word for it on this channel. You Suck at Cooking does teach you how to make various meals, but the methods are a little... well, let's just say unnatural. This guy is hilarious, not to mention that each video ends with an original song written about the food he just made played over dogs doing dog things.

Jelle's Marble Runs



Even if you don't like sports, you may enjoy watching marbles duke it out on the Marble Olympics. Presented as a legitimate competition, you can't help but get sucked in watching events like the Sand Marble Mogul Race or the Marble Biathlon.

Primitive Technology



Who knew it would be so innovative to go back in time? Each video features the creation of primitive huts and tools from scratch using only natural materials in the wild. It’s all presented without words and only the sounds of nature to soothe you.

Dude Perfect



In the off chance you haven’t heard of this incredibly popular channel, Dude Perfect is a group of bros doing incredibly bro’y things. Generally comprised of creative trick shot videos, these guys found a way to live a life of college frat games taken so far beyond the frat house.

Shut Up & Sit Down



SU&SD is a fantastic channel if you are into board games or interested in getting into board games. Their reviews are extremely creative and are a great way to explore a hobby that is growing fast. If you still think Monopoly is what boardgaming is, then you should check out a few of their videos. Just like video games, board games have changed a ton since childhood and SU&SD does an amazing job advocating for this great hobby.

Bucket List Family



The Bucket List Family provides an alternative view on how to live life. The family sold everything they own to pursue a life where they travel the world with their three kids. They are showing what it’s like to be constantly traveling the world with three young children.

Mark Rober



Mark is an engineer who comes up with some incredibly clever ideas for videos. Liquid sand hot tubs, dart boards that guarantee you get a bullseye, breakdowns of which carnival games are scams and which aren’t. In his videos, he takes incredibly complex ideas and breaks them down in an easy way to understand. Doesn’t hurt that he’s super likable.

The Berrics



If you love skateboarding and haven't found this channel, you are in for a treat. There is so much to love; an annual S.K.A.T.E tournament featuring many of the best skaters in the world, segments where they see how fast someone can big spin, videos where a pro takes a day to learn their dream trick, and so much more.

Ten Second Songs



Ever wanted to know what it would sound like if Bob Marley or the Backstreet boys covered Linkin Park’s “In the End”? Well, this channel will give you an idea. Anthony takes songs you are very familiar with and covers them in various styles in a single video, giving each style about 10 seconds.

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